The members of this club vows to spread the message of conservation of nature. Each member of this club becomes the torch bearer in sapling plantation, pollution prevention of soil, air, water. Member of this club actively educate students, teachers and their families to segregate the municipal solid waste (MSW) into bio-degradable and non bio-degradable waste, thus trying to prevent the disastrous action of disturbing the ecological chain.

The motto of this club is to assimilate the development of science in term of knowing the unknown, enhancing the fact of known, exploring the advantages and subsequently percolate down the fruitful information among the students. Another aspect of this science club is to minimize the ill effect of the invention and use of it through awareness overall idea of this club is to benefit from it.

Health- maintaining a disease free good health is the need of the hour-so is the health club-the phenomenon of which is no more restricted within the boundaries of elite class. the essence of it is fruitful impact has not only became famous amongst the mass in urban cities, but also in rural village. The net result of it can be seen in the vast improvement in the arena of sports as well as in the life span of individual.

Active health leads to a healthy society.

The motto of this club is to provide service to the society. As a matter of fact the necessity of this club is the byproduct of our so called modern society. Earlier our society was “combined family” oriented society. With the advancement of modernism, the combine family started being bifurcated to nuclear family. It is experienced that urbanizes becomes more and more attracted to the nuclear i.e “husband-wife and children” due to certain constrain and in bargain they become more dependent on social service. To create awareness against bifurcation of joint families and extend helping hands to the needy ones is the motto of this club.

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