About The School

Since time immemorial education has been the key factor in developing successful personalities and a well balanced society. Education broadens our horizons and dispels ignorance. It sets stage for a better and brighter tomorrow.

Hon’ble Late Shri Mohan Lal Saraf, Dy.Mayor Municipal Corporation, Gwalior (1975) believed good education laid the foundation of building individuals with strength of character, moral values and a vision for a successful future.

To comemorate his loving memory a society named  Shri Mohan Lal Vikas Samiti was founded in 1992, spearheaded by his youngest son Shri Babu Lal Jain. It has been a sincere effort to realize the dreams of his beloved father, through Rishi Galav Public School, an educational institute, that strives to empower young minds with well rounded personalities.





Rishi Galav Public School is a CBSE Affiliated English Medium Senior Secondary School. It is provisioned for education from play group to Class XII. The institution is named after Maharshi Galav whose spiritual education has been a source of inspiration to masses.


The sole objective of this institution is to build character of its students with overall personality & commitment to self and society at large. The ultimate goal of education is to motivate and guide the student of today to become conscientious citizen of tomorrow.

It is our earnest desire to ensure empowerment of the girl child in order to give them their rightful place in society. We believe, education is one of the tools to empower these young women, who are the prime teachers in every individuals life.


Our vision is:-

1. To be a provider of globally-competitive proficient individuals.
2. To nurture and sustain academic excellence program to promote innovation and abilities to analyze, experiment and synthesize.


Discipline is the need of time and also a personality trait. It can be maintained by collective efforts of the institution and parents. Certain rules and regulations framed by the institution are to be compiled with.


Following rules are to be adhered to at all times:

  • Students should be in their proper uniform.
  • Shoes should be polished.
  • Nails should be cut (No nail enamel should be applied on nails). 
  • No jewellery is allowed. 
  • No mobile phones allowed (Mobile phones brought to school will be confiscated). 
  • Short hair should be neatly combed.
  • Long hair should be tied in two plaits.

Information About School

Affiliated to – Central Board Of Secondary Education, New Delhi

Affiliation Status – Provisional

Affiliation No. – 1030113

Affiliation With The Board Since – 1999

Detail Of No Objection Certificate From State

NOC No. – F.73-96/96/20-5

NOC Date – 26 August 1997

Admission Period – April 01 – August 31

Summer Vacation Period – From First Monday of May to June 30th

Winter Vacation Period – As per weather conditions

Academic Session – From 1st April to 30th March

Dise Code – 23040516040
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Director Message

  • The art of teaching is the art of assessing discovery– Mark Van Doren


Education means an overall development of human potential and to assess human potential is a difficult task. Every child has a right to good education and equal opportunity. It is for us to search for that potential and bring out the best in child.

To nurture young student to be successful in that fast changing competitive world, irrespective of the fact whether he ‘is’ or ‘is not’ a distinction holder is what education should be all about.

This is what RISHI GALAV strives for.

A child learn his first lesson of life at home. We are well aware of the importance of parent in the life of our student, it is only with the support of the parent and a team of highly dedicated and qualified teaching staff that we can inculcate right value discipline and groom them into independent individual. It is this common aim and purpose that shall help us realize the dream of a better tomorrow for our future generation.




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