Director’s Message



  • The art of teaching is the art of assessing discoveryMark Van Doren


Education means an overall development of human potential and to assess human potential is a difficult task. Every child has a right to good education and equal opportunity. It is for us to search for that potential and bring out the best in child.

To nurture young student to be successful in that fast changing competitive world, irrespective of the fact whether he ‘is’ or ‘is not’ a distinction holder is what education should be all about.

This is what RISHI GALAV strives for.

A child learn his first lesson of life at home. We are well aware of the importance of parent in the life of our student, it is only with the support of the parent and a team of highly dedicated and qualified teaching staff that we can inculcate right value discipline and groom them into independent individual. It is this common aim and purpose that shall help us realize the dream of a better tomorrow for our future generation.