Rishi Galav Public School

Established Since 1994, Celebrating 30 Years of Academic Excellence
Affilated to CBSE, Affiliation no. : 1030113, School Code : 50043

Why Us?

Robotics/ Atal Thinkering Lab

Robotics for kids is a compendium of different disciplines that provides children with knowledge related to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Transmitting this range of expertise to them in a transversal and fun way facilitates the development of logical thinking while stimulating their creativity and becoming familiar with the operation of programmable objects with which they are already in daily contact.


Laboratories are an integral part of our curriculum and pedagogy. Our Laboratories enable students to achieve a deeper understanding of concepts taught in the classroom by demonstrating to them applications and processes based on these concepts. In fact no learning would be fun without practical demonstration. We have built state-of-art laboratories for Maths, Science , Social Science & Computer. Each of these labs is equipped with a variety of subject-relevant equipment to allow for an experiential learning process, at a pace suitable to each child’s abilities. During lab hours, the students are supervised and assisted by qualified technicians and subject facilitators. Our Laboratories also focuses on measures to ensure Lab safety to avoid accidents.


We believe that Extra-curricular activities play a key role in ensuring the comprehensive development of the child. Accordingly, basket ball, volleyball and tennis courts, an indoor games room form part of the school’s infrastructure. Children have access to a multitude of other facilities, which include cricket, hockey, yoga, Shooting , fencing and taekwondo. State level coaches are available to ensure that students gain optimal benefit from their exposure to these activities.







The School is supported by a  School Auditorium  which is equipped with the most modern and audio visual facilities and a massive seating capacity of approximately 800 people. The sound proof auditorium hosts numerous events including Annual day, Award functions , Inter School Competitions and  Zonal level competitions. It is fitted with a projector, effective & modern light and effective sound system. All the major functions like various competitions and  Workshops are held in this auditorium which gives  exposure to the students in showcasing their talents and groom their inborn virtues.

Junior Auditorium

Senior Auditorium

Smart Classes

Technology is transforming education, changing how, when and where students learn and empowering them at every stage of their journey. Just imagine, how beneficial would it be for students to understand a concept visually in class. The concept of smart class education is indeed a blessing to the students of the 21st Century.

A smart classroom is where the concept of blended pan learning is blooming. Smart classrooms are technologically enhanced that enable teaching and learning opportunities like never before! Learning is fun when subjects are interesting, and smart classes are doing exactly that by making the student’s most boring subject palatable.

Counselling Sessions / Workshops

The main goal of counselling at the school level is to meet the children’s emotional, social, and behavioral needs. The importance of guidance and counselling should be taught to children and how it can help them shape their future journey. Schools have a huge role in bringing the best out of children. Good conduct is coveted, but sometimes young minds need guidance to polish their personality. Through counselling/ Wokrshops children are given advice on how to manage and deal with emotional conflict and personal problems by the experts in their respective domain.

Life Skills Based Education

The development of a child can be made possible by keeping all aspects of their personality in mind. This is the reason why Life Skill Education plays an important part in everyone’s life. In life skill education, the overall personality of a child is taken into consideration. It gives strength to handle any kind of situation and gives the courage to face struggle to achieve any target. By adding life skill education to the school curriculum, Rishi Galav Public School aims in overall development of the child.

Student’s Workshop

Teacher’s Workshop


1. 22 years of experience
2. RUN by educators
3. 8000+ happy parents


1. CCTV camera
2. Robotics / Lab
3. Medical room


1. Cricket, basketball, Football etc.
2. RUN by educators
3. 20000+ happy parents


1. Parent app
2. Central monitoring of student's performance
3. Having regular parent-teacher interactions


1. CCTV camera
2. Children friendly staff
3. Medical room


1. Digitally equipped smart classrooms
2. E-learning center Labs, library, play areas and play grounds etc.
3. AC auditorium
4. Indoor game zone

Other Parameters for Student Development

Smart Classes

Music Room


Drawing Room

Yoga Room

Indoor Courts


Career Consulting


Cultural Events